Saturday 13th June 2020

Before this date, my knowledge of the Friday The 13th films was limited to the terrible Jason X, the Oscar shunned Freddy Vs Jason, and Drew Barrymore being quizzed at beginning of Scream. So because it is the 40th anniversary, and because I’ve been watching so many films this meant I wouldn’t have to make a decision on what to watch for a few days, I decided to watch the first 9 Friday The 13th films. What, I’m not sitting through Jason X again.


Friday The 13th (1980)

Typically no streaming service had the first one. However, I thought £1.99 was a small price to pay, and so, forty years after it’s release, my marathon began.

Friday The 13th is a great horror film. Full of suspense, reveals, shocks, a tiny bit of nudity, and Kevin Bacon. I was screaming at the screen ‘don’t investigate that strange sound’ and ‘no, don’t look behind that shower curtain.’ I was hooked.

I really enjoyed the ‘through the killer’s eyes’ throughout the whole film until the big reveal. Yes it had already been done with Halloween, but it keeps the mystery. Having watched the beginning of Scream I knew who the killer was, but that didn’t detract from the film. If anything it raised my worry for Alice (the final girl), as soon as Mrs Voorhees appears. ‘Why is she trusting her?’

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars

Quick Verdict: Suspense, surprise and a classic

Friday The 13th Part II (1981)

So the first film finished and I immediately put on part 2. Now part 2 – 8 are on Amazon Prime so had them tee’d up on my ‘watch next’ list. At this point on Saturday 13th (closest I could get to Friday The 13th), I was getting pretty tired. It was gone 11pm and I found myself shutting my eyes periodically. But I just had to find out what happens next, and wow, they don’t waste any time.

Alice, the sole survivor of the first film, is killed off before the opening credits, and Mrs Voorhees making a small cameo (minus her body). We’re then introduced to a new group of councillors. I like that they are warned about Jason, albeit in a mucking around kind of way. I know it’s exposition, but the spooky campfire story is a classic. Then the fun………….. oh I fell asleep.

To Be Continued……