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Quick verdict: A wish come true

I’m 36 years old and Aladdin was my favourite Disney film growing up, along with a lot of people I would guess. Disney have been piling these remakes out over the last few years with varying degrees of success. Beauty and the Beast was okay, The Jungle Book and The Lion King did financially well, and Dumbo was welcomed with lukewarm reviews. So Aladdin was one I worried about. Mixed in with all these other remakes, would it fade into the background, can Will Smith do justice to the Genie role, and why on earth had they hired Guy Ritchie to direct? 
Well fear not, because for me, this is the best live action Disney remake to date. It has the charm of the original, the story is tweaked to be more relevant with today’s audience, and Will Smith is amazing as the Genie. 

The strange thing however with this remake is that the title character is probably the least interesting. Will Smith shines as the Genie, and in some ways he is actually better than Robin Williams. Don’t get me wrong, Robin did an amazing job, but Will adds something extra to the role. Let’s also ignore all of the people upset that he was blue. I’m really not sure what they were moaning at. Don’t judge a film before you see it, or read a damming review! Along with Will, Naomi Scott gives the role of Jasmine a more relevant up to date feel. A talented actor with a great singing voice. With these two around, Aladdin sits in the background really, but truthfully, I didn’t mind.

Guy Ritchie’s best film since Snatch. Maybe we’ve found a genre he can tackle outside of British gangster.