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Quick Verdict: Boring

Through my better judgement I have kept going with this absolute pile of garbage franchise (Bumblebee aside), but this was the first time I was actually bored watching a Transformers film. 
It was all more of the same, but I just felt that there was no jeopardy. You can tell that the mainstays, heroes and villains, were never going to be killed off. And a short turn to the dark side for one character, never for a second looked to be permanent. 

Another gripe I have about the film is that it’s meant to be a family franchise, but I lost count of the amount of times the word ‘shit’ was used. Yes once or twice, but every scene seemed to have it in. Maybe I’m getting a bit more sensitive about this stuff as I’m about to become a parent, but fuck me there was a lot of swearing!

The worst thing about it though, is that as bad as it was, I’ll still watch another instalment if for some stupid reason they make it. My advice to Hollywood is save me from this nightmare and concentrate on a sequel of sorts to Bumblebee. A far superior film.