So here we are. Four months in to 2019 and I’m still posting everyday. I’ve enjoyed every post, even the ones that were really hard to put together, or the ones where I just couldn’t find the right words to say ‘this film is shit.’

So I’m now coming to a massively busy time at work and I haven’t got the time to write every day, plus I have another project up my sleeve for the summer. So tomorrow I’m starting my three word reviews. Which are exactly that, reviews of a film with only three words. I picked all the films from the IMDb top 250 films I’d seen and wrote a three word review of them. So that’s one for every day for the next four months. I will still pop up with fresh posts every now and then, plus I am already planning posts for my five year anniversary on the 11th June. I’d like to thank everyone for continuing to read my drivel and look forward to coming back with some great new posts in September, and I hope you all enjoy my three word reviews.