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Quick Verdict: Full Speed Ahead

There’s a bomb on a bus. If the bus goes above 50mph, the bomb is charged. If the bus then goes below 50mph, it’ll explode. Simple.

When this film came out I would have been 12. I was so taken by it and Keanu Reeves, when I went to the barbershop next I asked to have my hair like his. That way I would look really cool. I can tell you, a skinny, 12 year old blonde boy, does not look anything like Keanu Reeves, I just looked like I’d shaved my hair off. I cried the whole way home. Good news though, it grew back!

So haircuts aside, this is the ultimate nineties action film. You’ve got explosions, falling lifts, various flying modes of transport, guns, witty one liners, a sinister villain, a rogue hero and one speeding bus.

I can’t imagine there are many people who haven’t seen it. I will say if you haven’t, go see it. I watched it again the other week, and it has aged well.