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Quick Verdict: I don’t want to be on that list

After nearly a year out of the game, hitman Jay (Neil Maskell) takes a job with a big payoff. With the help of Gal (Michael Smiley), they must kill three targets, but are swept into a world they aren’t prepared for.

I’m a big fan of Ben Wheatley, so was keen to watch this. I have high praise for all the films of his I’ve seen. Sightseers and Free Fire being my favourite, I thought this would be right up my street.

It’s almost like you have three films intertwined. A general domestic drama, a hitman film, and one that seems to be straight from The Wicker Man. Strangely though, this mix seems to work, however, if you were expecting only one of these types of film, it might be disappointing.

My favourite part of the film was the domestic drama at the beginning. It gives you some really interesting characters, which are fleshed out in the first third. The film has some truly shocking sequences, which can come out of nowhere. It is a film that really puts you on edge and isn’t bothered as to whether it might be too much. This film has no sensor.

Overall it was a good film, I think the uncomfortableness Of it actually let it down for me. Maybe I’m turning into a wuss in my old age.