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Quick Verdict: STTS

Cassius Green (LaKeith Stanfield) gets a job at a telemarketing company. His success leaps him into a world of greed with morally questionable work. This film however is so much more than this synopsis.

The film is delving into the political and social world that we currently live in, albeit in an alternative way. It is aware of its surroundings and isn’t ashamed to say what it thinks. Director Boots Riley has an amazing grasp on the subject matter and weaves it perfectly into this film. Having read a few comments on IMDB about the film, I can certainly see that you liking this will depend a lot on your political stance, which I can understand. For me, the film is fantastic.

The cast are great. LaKeith Stanfield is an actor to watch out for. Having seen him in this and Get Out, he has been great in both. I’ve also got Short Term 12 to watch with him in and he had a small role in Selma alongside Tessa Thompson, who is also amazing in this. On top of this you have Danny Glover, Jermaine Fowler, Omari Hardwick, Kate Berlant, Steven Yeun, Terry Crews and Armie Hammer.

On top of the messages within the film, we have a funny, engaging story, with great characters and brilliant style. A personal highlight for me is the part with the windscreen wipers, it had me in stitches. The story is refreshing and goes in directions you wouldn’t expect. I will certainly be looking out to see what Boots Riley does next.

One last thing, I will definitely be doing a ‘top ? performances’ of Rosario Dawson now. Her as the voice of the elevator is going to be hard to beat.