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Quick Verdict: You’ve got red on you.

‘Tippi’ Hedren stars as Marnie in this classic Alfred Hitchcock film. After another successful robbery, Marnie changes identity and gets a job working for Mr Rutland, played by Sean Connery, and plots another foolproof robbery. Unfortunately Mr Rutland is wise to her plans.

My task to watch many more Hitchcock films continues, and this is one I’ve wanted to watch for some time. I have read the book and absolutely loved it, so was keen to see what Hitchcock would do with it.

Obviously he’s changed the setting from England to America, but that was to be expected. The storyline is much the same as the book, although I did find the relationship between Marnie and Mr Rutland a bit more awkward, and it felt like she became reliant on him, where she seemed a lot more independent in the book.

Overall a great film, classic Hitchcock and top performances from Tippi and Sean.