This post has been updated due to a major error on my part. I forgot Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay.

So I’m currently in Amsterdam. What better way to spend your time somewhere new, then to find out about what films have been made there.

So although this probably isn’t the same place, Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson were chased along the streets of Amsterdam causing chaos.

Next up is the worst James Bond film, Diamonds Are Forever. James Bond goes to Tiffany Case’s house. Again, this isn’t the exact place, but you get the picture.

They also pulled dear old Mrs Whistler out of the water near the skinny bridge. This was as close as I got.

I’m also not entirely sure that is the right one.

Ocean’s Twelve is also briefly in Amsterdam. I have only seen it once and it was bad, so I can’t tell you where they were.

One last film. The amazingly funny Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay. Appearing only during the end credits, this is the main goal of the film and it’s nice to see the pair enjoying themselves. I forgot to find a spot where they were to take a photo, so it’ll just have to be a photo from the film.

So this is a pretty wishy washy post of films that were set in Amsterdam. People have said to me about The Fault In Our Stars, but I haven’t seen it. Maybe one for when I go back.