The A- Z of Film

M = Montage

This is big category. The montage is something that you see in most films. I was thinking of a top 10 montages but that would take ages to compile a worthy list. Instead I’m just going to mention some that are noteworthy.

Let me know any that you love.

1. Rocky

Well you can’t miss off the Rocky montage. It’s probably the most famous training montage ever.

2. Team America: World Police

Making fun of Rocky is the Team America montage, title, ‘We need a montage.’ Which includes the line ‘even Rocky had a montage.

3. The Godfather

The baptism montage at the end of The Godfather is epic. A real show of power from Al Pacino’s Michael Corleone.

4. The Wedding Singer

A fun montage with cake shopping, music selecting and flowers. Lovely and bright.

5. The Muppets

The Muppets had two. Like Team America, The Muppets are conscious of their montage and it becomes part of the gag. The first when they collect the gang up, which ends with a nice laugh about Ralph’s little clip. The second comes with Starships, We Built This City On Rock And Roll as they clean the theatre. Again, very knowing. ‘Don’t you remember? We do it to song.’ Queue the music.