⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stars

Quick Verdict: Part great, part stupid.

Mads Mikkelsen plays John Wick. Sorry not John Wick, Duncan Vizla. Coming up to retiring as a hitman, Duncan buys a dog…. Wait are we sure he isn’t John Wick? Okay, if you say so. Unfortunately his last job before he hangs up his guns could be one too many, as Duncan becomes the target.

This film is part gritty hitman thriller, which was great, and a part which I can only describe as like Smokin Aces and Shoot ‘Em Up, just no one gets killed with a carrot. Basically when Mads is on the screen we are getting a well acted thriller with intrigue and style. When the gang of hitmen are on screen it becomes like a comedy thriller with such over the top characters all as whacky as each other. Then we have the main villain, played by Matt Lucas. Another example of just over the top, but when on screen with Mads he seems to have moved into the gritty thriller too.

Unrecognisable is Vanessa Hudgens playing Duncan’s neighbour Camille. She is in the gritty part of the film and for the better I think.

Overall I really loved most of it, just the slapstick over the top subplot knocked it down a star for me. Would happily watch a sequel if they made it.