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Quick Verdict: Josie arrives without her pussycats

Hank lives a quiet life at the Pink Motel. Sharing his life with two tortoises, he becomes intrigued by the young girl who moves in opposite, called Josie.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this. I was pleasantly surprised by Sophie Turner’s American accent, and I found her’s and Dylan McDermott characters intriguing.

In fact all of the characters were well developed and well acted. The problems arise when you look at the plot. Without giving much away, when the credits rolled, I said ‘what the fuck, that’s so stupid.’ Which is a shame, because up until the last ten minutes I was really enjoying the film. Part of the finale made sense, the rest was just stupid and in my mind, wouldn’t have been what the character in question would do. Confused, because you haven’t seen the film? Sorry.

So finale aside I enjoyed it, hence the three star rating. It was bang in the middle with two and a half, but because of the great build up it got three stars. This is a good sign of things to come for Sophie Turner, post Game Of Thrones.