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Quick Verdict: Bond does it for England

 This Bond film has it all, and at this point I didn’t care they were basically ripping off You Only Live Twice.

Nuclear Submarines are going missing. Swallowed by an evil looking ship (a bit like the evil looking spacecraft in YOLT). Bond must find out who’s behind it and fast, before it’s too late. Also the villain is hiding in a secret underwater lair (a bit like the secret volcano in YOLT).

This is as Bond as you can get without going into spoof territory. It has the perfect mix of humour, action and plot. Roger is in fine form, Barbara Bach is a Bond girl who is equal to James and the henchman is legendary. In fact the only thing letting the film down is the poor main villain, who just doesn’t have much about him.

It also boasts one of the best opening sequences ever. It’s best described by Alan Partridge. Click the YouTube link to see how it’s done.


  • Best Gadget: The car that can go underwater
  • Best Quote: ‘Just keeping the British end up.’ Oh dear!
  • Best Moment: Has to be the parachute moment at the beginning.