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Quick Verdict: Isn’t it beguiling

It’s quite hard to do something fresh in the rom-com genre. With horror you can always make up something new to scare people but with rom-com there’s only so many ways people can fall in love.

Natalie (Rebel Wilson) is a rom-com sceptic, but when she is attacked in the subway and knocked unconscious, she wakes up to find herself as the lead in her own romantic comedy.

This films plays with the genre and creates a world where Natalie knows she’s in a romantic comedy but doesn’t want to be. This is where the jokes come from, and for me, it worked brilliantly. I found it funny, charming and fresh.

Rebel Wilson is great in her debut lead performance, Liam Hemsworth plays the good looking charmer perfectly and the best friend Josh, played by Adam Devine, fits spot on into the role.

I’ve read that it maybe falls down on not going too far. Personally I applaud it for doing exactly that. It’s a play on the rom-com genre. Any further and it would have been more in the realms of Bridesmaids (I like Bridesmaids, but it is more comedy than rom-com). It sits perfectly in the genre and is able to make fun and pay homage to it because of that. A great rom-com that had me laughing and feeling along with the characters.