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Quick Verdict: We will, we will, watch this!

The rise, slight fall, and rise again of Queen. The outline plot is of no surprise to anyone who has a small amount of knowledge about the band Queen.

I had a few negative thoughts going into this film. I thought it was stupid to stop the story at Live Aid, it was stupid that they had Rami mime the songs, and once it opened, from what people had said, it was a very watered down version of Freddie Mercury’s life. I’m happy to say, all three of those thoughts were a load of rubbish.

The film was so much better than I thought it would be. So why was I so sceptical? Should Rami have sung the songs? Absolutely not. Now I’ve seen it, it was clearly the right choice. No one could recreate Freddie Mercury’s voice, so why try. Rami puts his all into the performance. He is so convincing as Freddie and it all merges from him speaking, to Freddie’s voice when he sings seamlessly.

The next point was why did they stop the film at Live Aid? I’ve heard rumours that they are making a sequel and I hope that it isn’t true. In the film when Freddie tells his band mates that he has aids. He says that he doesn’t want to be the aids poster boy. He wants people to remember him as the performer, the singer, not the victim. Which is exactly why the film stops at Live Aid. The film is about Freddie and Queen, he didn’t want people to see that side whilst he lived and I think it’s right that they didn’t delve into that part of his life in the film. They don’t shy away from it, but that’s a different story from this and one that Freddie wanted to keep private.

So it’s not perfect, it is a bit too smooth for a rock story, but I couldn’t help it, I really enjoyed it. Great songs, great acting and an amazing recreation of Live Aid.