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Quick Verdict: Jurassic World: The in between film.

The original island is on the verge of being consumed by it’s now active volcano. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas-Howard are sent to help evacuate the remaining dinosaurs.

So many things are wrong with the plot of this film. It’s just ridiculous. The best way to describe it is, it’s basically two separate shows put back to back. We have the evacuation hour episode which is ridiculous. Then we have the dinosaurs in a mansion episode from a different show for an hour. The film just has these two events that they needed to do so they could make Jurassic World 3/6. It’s a stepping stone for the film they really want to make, but looking at the way it ended, do we really need the film that is going to come next? From what I can see, it’ll be the franchise version of the Godzilla / King Kong universe.

Although I did enjoy the ridiculous fun, I feel that the Jurassic franchise has lost its way. For me, it’s meant to be a family film and what I saw really wasn’t that family friendly. Yes they are going to eat humans, but it just seemed a bit too dark and brutal in places. I’m not convinced they are making a film for the correct audience and I feel that the next one is going to be much darker and further away from the Steven Spielberg family fun ride that we started with.

It also pains me to see how much the T-Rex is sidelined. Once the main event, the big Dino is reduced to cameos in favour of these made up monsters to try and scare us. Why? The T-Rex was real, surely that can be more scary than something completely made up.

So a lot of negatives, but it wasn’t the worst thing. Chris and Bruce are a good pairing. Daniella Pineda was a good addition to the cast cast, but Justice Smith was a needless extra character. They could have just brought Jake Johnson back instead. Also, the little girl seemed to be a sub-plot that then went nowhere.