Just a little list of the films coming out this year I’m looking forward to.


Can’t believe I forgot to mention Us. I loved Get Out and really looking forward to Jordan Peele’s follow up.


Loved the Ron Perlman original and this looks pretty epic and cool.

John Wick 3

How will John Wick get out of his current predicament? Will I shall be in the cinema to find out.

Detective Pikachu

I’m thinking a more family friendly, and funnier version of the film Ted.

Toy Story 4

How can you not love these films. I’m sure we’ll all be in tears by the end.


Probably the film I’m looking forward to the most. It looks amazing and I love the fact it’s taking a fantasy twist to the true story.

Star Wars: Episode IX

I loved The Last Jedi and I cannot wait to see how it all ends.