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Quick Verdict: It’s probing time!

The writer Clive Gollings and artist Graeme Willy are on a geek tour of America. However, their road trip takes an unexpected turn when they meet Paul, an alien being hunted by government agents.

Looking back over all my posts I cannot believe it’s taken this long for me to write about Paul. Paul is without a doubt, one of my favourite films ever. I first watched it on my own when I finished work early one day. I didn’t know anything about it, but saw Simon Pegg and Nick Frost starred in it, so gave it a go.

The film is a bundle of joy. The film is a homage to every film I loved growing up. Every time I watch it, I want to go to Comic Con, I wish I could write a successful novel, that I can meet an alien, and that I can go to Devils Tower.

One thing I always kept going on about, was how much I loved Simon Pegg’s Star Wars t-shirt. I went on about it so much, my lovely wife tracked it down and got it shipped over from America. It’s amazing.

I cannot recommend this film enough. If you love sci-fi, comics, films, aliens or comedy, this film is for you. It never fails to put a smile on my face.