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Quick Verdict: When you just can’t get enough of escaping prison

Now this poster may give you the false impression that you’re about to watch a film starring Stallone and Bautista. Sure they are in it, but I think they only have 30 minutes screen time between them. Below is the real star, Xiaoming Huang who plays Shu, the protégé of Sylvester Stallone’s Ray Breslin. Shu gets imprisoned with his cousin and has to escape. So basically the same plot as the original just a different character.

So it’s worse than the original, but worth more than one star. Hence the same rating. I’m not entirely sure why I watched this. It was a chance flick of the remote that made me watch the first, this was a conscious decision. I even used the search button on Netflix. I’m ashamed of this and I think I need to have a serious word with myself.

The problem I have now is I know there is a third film coming this year and I feel invested in the franchise. So apologies for the inevitable review of Escape Plan 3: This time it’s personal. I don’t know the title, I’m guessing.