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Quick Verdict: It’s a great game of hide and seek

Will (Ben Foster) and daughter Tom (Thomasin McKenzie) live a quiet life in a national park in Portland, Oregon. When one little mistake leads to them being discovered, their idyllic way of living is shattered.

I’m going to have a little a moan. The poster above says ‘from the academy award nominated writer and director of Winter’s Bone.’ Why on earth was this film ignored completely at the Oscars?

Ben Foster is great as the traumatised veteran father who can’t live in society anymore, but the film really belongs to Thomasin. She is the lead and she is the one the story seems to follow. She puts in a great performance.

The film isn’t fast paced, it methodically tells the story and doesn’t rush through. I really enjoyed the relationship between the two and how the parent role reverses through the film.

It is a shame that a film this good didn’t get any recognition from the Academy. With equality in the Academy nominations being such a big thing at the moment, either Debra Granik for this or Lynne Ramsay for You Were Never Really Here should have been nominated. Actually fuck it, both should have been nominated and Thomasin McKenzie as well.

Anyway rant over. This is a great film, go watch it.