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Quick Verdict: I didn’t spot Alfred

After my abysmal number of Hitchcock films I’d seen, I thought I better remedy it. So first up in my ‘let’s watch more Hitchcock’ feature, we have The 39 Steps.

Mr Hannay, played by Robert Donat, has a chance encounter with a lady at the theatre, but when she is murdered in his apartment, he becomes the prime suspect and flees.

It’s a great cat and mouse film, which Hitchcock replicated when he made North By Northwest many years later. The tricks of the camera and the use of a train horn blending to a women’s scream are all brilliant. The smoke on the moors add to the suspense and jeopardy. I also like the not so usual relationship he makes with Pamela, a women he meets on the train out of London. This is all mixed in with a get film. Their have been several remakes of this story and I’m keen to seek them out now.