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Quick Verdict: For many reasons, I don’t want this future.

In a dystopian future, a boy must leave his home to find some medicine to save his mother. That’s a very simple synopsis but I don’t think it really matters.

Co-directed by James Franco, this film really isn’t very good. I also don’t understand the high profile stars in such a poor film. James Franco plays Warlord, a crazy madman who finds a robot that he can control. The robot (with the original robot name Ash) is played by up and coming Suki Waterhouse, who grows a conscience. Milla Jovovich is the crazy Druglord, Snoop Dogg makes a cameo as the Lovelord and Lucy Liu is the ill mother.

It wants to be Mad Max, but falls way short of even Beyond Thunderdome. The characters are so extreme they just come across as ridiculous. The only one with any kind of development, with whom you can sympathise with, is Ash, the bloody robot. In fact her relationship with the character Lei is the only decent thing in the film, but they don’t meet till an hour in.

It’s a mess of a film. I also have a few questions. In a dystopian future, they can still produce electricity and they can fuel motorbikes, but why can’t they make bullets? They can also make lots and lots of drugs, but what on earth is this medicine he gets for his ill mother? Would you trust the word of a woman called Druglord, who makes you fight to the death for this medicine?

So positive time. I’ve already mentioned it, but the relationship between Ash and Lei is the best part of the film. I’d have watched a film that followed them and their story.