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Quick Verdict: Ocean’s Four: The College Years

Four bored students concoct a plan to steal a set of rare books from their university library. Done in the style of a documentary with re-enactments, this is a great spin on the heist genre.

This is what happens if you follow through with a drunken conversation. Especially if you’re talking to the wild one in the group. The film is well crafted and executed, the characters are believable in how they plan the heist, and it feels like this is how a robbery could really go down. It takes the sleekness away and leaves you with the raw truth of reality.

The four leads do kind of conform to a stereotype but it doesn’t really matter, and I that’s kind of the point. You have the logistics guy, the driver, the planner and the team leader. I also really like the inaccuracies of the stories coming from each of the characters, and it becomes a puzzle to piece together the truth.

Writter and director Bart Layton does a great job, and the four leads put in some really powerful performances. If you like a messy heist and something slightly different, I would really recommend this.