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Quick Verdict: A return to form for the franchise.

So everyone knows that Ocean’s Twelve was a particular low point for the Ocean’s films. Having the Julia Roberts character look like Julia Roberts is something we’d all like to forget.

The Ocean’s gang has changed. Danny Ocean is dead. Please step in, Debbie Ocean, played by Sandra Bullock. Her crack team trying to pull off the perfect jewel heist are Cate Blanchett, Sarah Paulson, Rihanna, Mindy Kaling, Awkwafina, Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway.

This film has taken a close look at what worked with the original and given it a new spin. It certainly doesn’t break the mould, but if are watching an Ocean’s film, you do expect a certain kind of heist film. It isn’t like last years Widows, it’s clean and slick, and almost like a synchronised dance. In Mark Kermode’s Secret Of Cinema Heist episode, he talks about the perfect heist formula, something this film is doing to the letter.

It isn’t perfect, but I think it definitely ranks in second place for the franchise, and if they can get a decent story, I’d be happy to watch a sequel.