The A-Z of Film

F = Film Magazines

I do have a love for the film magazine. Some might say an obsession. I enjoy sitting down with a cup of tea and reading the latest copy of whatever it may be.

In a world where every single bit of information is posted onto the internet immediately, it is good to see that physical film magazines are still going strong.

Film Stories

A prime example of the continued love for the physical publication is Film Stories. This refreshing delight has only released two issues but is certainly making a name for itself. Coming from the brain of Simon Brew, previously of Den Of Geek fame. Simon crowdfunded this with blood, sweat and tears, managing to raise in excess of a whooping £19000 along the way.

The magazine is a love for all things film, and a focus on the smaller films that might be missed among the Marvel, Star Wars onslaught. He is also giving new writers a chance to earn their first paid gig. I’m currently putting together a second pitch for it. Follow @simonbrew on twitter to find out more details.

I have really enjoyed the first two issues and am looking forward to issue three arriving soon.


I don’t have all my copies of Empire anymore. If I did they would probably stack as high as my house.

Empire is the pinnacle of film magazines. Read by fans and celebrities, it is a must have for most film lovers. They get the exclusive set visits that other magazines don’t, they’ve interviewed everyone in the business, and they have a great crossword at the back of the magazine.

If you’re wondering why I choose that issue to put as the picture for Empire, it’s because I had my letter printed in that one. I spoke about my trip to Empire Bigscreen back in 2011.


Starburst magazine is where my love for magazines began. I was a big sci-fi geek as a child and this magazine was my bible. Not being able to get it in my local newsagents, I had to travel into Cambridge and buy it from Forbidden Planet. Not a bad thing as this was also one of my favourite shops to visit.

Starburst did stop printing in 2009, going to an online version, but with hard work and popular demand it rose from the ashes once more in 2012. It was back in print and all was right with the world again.

Starburst also have a podcast and annual film festival. It’s a great staple of the sci-fi and horror world.


I do like to switch my subscriptions about, SFX is the one I have currently. As I revealed above, I was a massive sci-fi geek as a child. Well I still am. Back when I was a child, whilst visiting Weymouth on holiday, my dad let me buy a magazine. Flicking through the selections in W.H Smith I came across one that had Star Trek on the front cover. That’s the one for me, I gave it to my dad, who took one look at it and said ‘Do you think that’s appropriate, a magazine called Sex?’ In typical fashion, the lovely people at SFX always have someone’s head around the bottom of the F in their title, giving the idea that it may say SEX. Always makes me chuckle.

Total Film

I do love Total Film. It’s one that I go back to regularly. Although I don’t have a subscription now, back in the early 2000s I did buy this over Empire.

One thing I think they do better than any other magazine are their lists. They like a ranking or a chart. It’s another great film magazine and one that always has plenty of interesting stuff to read.

Other magazines have been missed. Apologies to Little White Lies, Sci-fi Now and any other that I haven’t mentioned.