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Quick Verdict: An evening to remember

An Evening With Beverly Luff Linn comes from the mind of Jim Hosking, the man behind The Greasy Strangler. A film I am yet to see, but after watching this, and reading the love Empire’s Terri White has for it, I may give it a go.

Now it may also have something to do with Matt Berry being in it, but I was surprised that Jim Hosking didn’t have anything to do with Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace. The style and the comedy is very similar to it.

The story revolves around the unhappily married Lulu Danger, played by Aubrey Plaza. When a love from her past returns, she runs away in search of him. She also takes a man hired to steal from her husband along for the ride.

This is a very peculiar dark comedy that well not be to everyone’s taste. The characters are strange, the developments are interesting and the story is mad. I loved it. I do love a film that can take you far from reality in a real setting. It surprised me and made me laugh a lot.

All of the main stars are crazy in their own right. Craig Robinson only makes strange noises, Aubrey Plaza is her usual talented self, Matt Berry and Jermaine Clement are on fine form, but Emile Hirsch is the star performer as husband Shane Danger.

It’s a great dark comedy, that should definitely be watched with an open mind.