So the news is that HMV has been saved for the second time in five years. This is great news for the company, as Canadian firm Sunrise Records came in and beat rival bids from Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley.

Unfortunately the buyout does come with some casualties, one of which is the founding store on Oxford Street in London. That along with twenty-six other stores are unfortunately closing their doors for good.

Personally it is a big blow for me. Living in North Devon it has always been a full day trip if I was visiting HMV, but these closures are going to make it harder. Exeter, Plymouth, Bristol (Cribbs Causeway) and Bristol (Fopp) are all on the list.

This leaves Truro, Taunton and Bristol Central as the only ones left in the southwest. Don’t get me wrong, Taunton will now be my city of choice when I’m asked by my wife if I want to go out shopping for the day. It’s just a shame that so many in the southwest had to be on the hit list. I’m also due to go to Plymouth tomorrow, so was gutted to find it had already closed.

We shall see how long this buyout gives HMV. I’m not massively hopeful, but whilst they still have stores, I will keep buying from them.