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Quick Verdict: It’s only logical

This was always going to be my kind of film, even without the plot being about something I’m mad about.

Dakota Fanning plays Wendy, a twenty one year old autistic woman who runs away in an attempt to hand in her manuscript on time for a Star Trek writing competition.

So yes, if there was such a competition I would not be writing this, I’d be working on my script right now. The story is such a great idea, and her connection with the character of Spock is one that has been used before. People can relate to Spock, being half human and half Vulcan (alien if you haven’t seen Star Trek), he is a perfect companion for someone who struggles with emotions, with fitting in or just being slightly different.

Dakota gives a truly moving performance. You really feel for her, you understand why she does the things she does, and what is important to her.

I did enjoy Alice Eve as Wendy’s sister. I was so hoping for a Star Trek into Darkness reference, but it never came. Unless I missed it. Toni Collette is her usual talented self as Wendy’s carer and I was good to see Toni Revolori as Wendy’s infatuated co-worker.

It’s a lovely film with a sweet innocence. It had me smiling, laughing, and crying. A great mix for a Sunday morning.