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Quick Verdict: The Mission Awakens

I ended up rewatching this. I spoke about the first two and could remember them clearly, but when I started to make notes about this one, I realised, I think I’ve only seen it the once. It came out thirteen years ago.

This third outing was directed by the then, very new and still quite unknown J.J. Abrams. In 2006 his main credits had come from Lost and Alias. This was his first time directing a film. Watching it now, you can see glimpses of the Abrams’ traits. The quick zoom, the shaking up close shot, and or course, the lens flare. Thankfully not used to Star Trek (2009) levels.

The film is really enjoyable, and a great overall action film. Again, the spying and espionage aren’t as prominent, but it is slightly more grounded than the the last one. Unfortunately, as good an actor as Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Maggie Q are, they become a bit of a throwaway support team. So much so that they don’t return in the next outing, and even Ving Rhames is reduced to a cameo next time.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman does a fine job as Owen Davian, the arms-dealing villain. I wasn’t convinced that he could beat up, even a wounded and confused Ethan Hunt though.

It’s a solid entry in the franchise. Good news is, Ethan gets married, and we’re introduced to Simon Pegg’s character Benji. So where does this go in my rankings?

3. M:I-2

2. Mission: Impossible III

1. Mission: Impossible

Ghost Protocol is up next. Where will that rank?