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Quick Verdict: Stop, hammer time!

I had heard of this film but never knew anything about it before watching. I watched it as I had 1h30 till my wife returned home and this fitted neatly.

This film comes under the banner, ‘Actions speak louder than words.’ It was action after reaction followed by action, then reaction. Words were spoken, but that almost felt like an add on, like a side note to the main story.

Joaquin Phoenix plays Joe, a veteran who now takes jobs tracking down missing girls.

When a job goes wrong, people start to hunt Joe down, so he decides to fight back.

It really is a good film. It’s simple, but striking. You really feel like your in the mind of Joe and his pain and suffering are real. It’s brilliantly acted by Joaquin, and a reminder of what he can do as an actor. Can he transfer this to the Joker? Maybe, but that probably won’t be enough.

Lynne Ramsey is a great director, but has yet again been snubbed by the Academy with not one nomination for this film. This is a stark and brave film, it may not have been nominated for any Oscars, but if I did an award ceremony, I’d nominate it. That probably doesn’t mean a lot to Lynne. I’m sat in North Devon and don’t really have any real sway in the business.