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Quick Verdict: The one where they meet

I will start by saying that Saoirse Ronan should have been at least nominated for leading actress at the Oscars. Yes, I know Lady GaGa will win, but I think it’s a bit insulting she wasn’t nominated.

Mary returns home and seeks to overthrow her cousin, Queen Elizabeth. Most people in Britain will know the general story and will know the outcome. Something that is no secret in the film, as the climax of the film is also the opening.

This is definitely Mary’s story. Her triumphs, her betrayals, her cunning and her final demise. Saoirse brings the character to life. She is breathtaking and what she does seems so effortless.

This is going to sound a bit boring, but I thought the film was well structured. The pacing was perfect and a real builder. Which brings me on to the meeting that never happened. In terms of the film, I feel that they didn’t have a choice. It needed that scene as a bridge between what happened before and after. Without it, I feel the film would have fallen flat. The scene does however, have a certain similarity to a scene in Pearl Harbor. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought that.

The supporting cast were also brilliant, David Tennant is quite unrecognisable as John Knox and although I had recognised him, a woman sat behind me didn’t realise that Elizabeth’s aid was played by Guy Pearce.

I’m finishing how I started really, Saoirse is great and deserves an Oscar nom, but equally Margot Robbie does. Her performance as a weary Queen Elizabeth is amazing. Her screen time is much shorter than Saoirse, but she still makes quite the impact.

Saoirse wouldn’t have won the actress Oscar, but Margot stood a chance with supporting. Two very strange decisions to leave them from the list. Mind you, I haven’t watched Widows yet, I feel I might be having the same rant about Viola Davis. How many nominees can you have?