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Quick Verdict: Mission: Face Off

This has to be one of the most differently styled sequels ever. The only other film series where the sequel is so different, that I can think of, is Gremlins. Please let me know some others.

We have one man to thank/complain, and that man is John Woo. Back in the late 90s John Woo had become a big deal. He started out making films in his native country of China in the 70s, but his work and unique style on films like A Better Tomorrow, Bullet in the Head and Hard Boiled got the attention of Hollywood. His first American film was Hard Target, starring Jean Claude Van Damme and Lance Henrikson, if you haven’t seen it, hunt it down and watch it now. From there he made Broken Arrow and the well received Face Off, which are the main reasons for being given the job on M:I-2. I’m sure I’ll get to talk about these other films in another post.

John Woo’s unique style brought slow motion stares, slow motion car spinning, slow motion jumping and of course, slow motion doves! Thankfully, due to the advancement in technology, John didn’t have to train doves to fly in slow motion!

This really was a film cranked up to eleven. Anything that they took from the original has been made bigger, and unfortunately not necessarily better.

That’s not to say it’s a bad film. It is a good action film with all the gunfights and explosions you’d expect. Just did we want that in a Mission: Impossible film? The original film was a classic espionage, spy film with action in it. This completely flips that. The action is at the forefront and the spying and espionage are lurking somewhere behind it.

Limp Bizkit also provided the song, Take A Look Around for M:I-2, and it is just as mad as the film. I did really like it when it was released.

Whatever your thoughts on this film, it does pave the way for the future Mission: Impossible films, which place themselves neatly between the classic style of the original and the crazy action of this outing.

I’ve also decided to rank the Mission: Impossible films as I review them. So here’s the list so far. No surprises really.

2. M:I-2

1. Mission: Impossible

On a side note, I’d like to apologise if you thought I was being unfair to the acting abilities of doves. I’m sure if you asked them, they would fly in slow motion.