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Quick Verdict: Intense and amazing

I’m a bit late watching this. I did however, manage to not have it spoiled, and boy am I glad about that. When I finished watching Get Out I was physically drained.

Rose is taking Chris, her new African-American boyfriend, home to meet the parents. When they arrive Chris starts to feel uneasy about the whole situation. That’s about all I’d like to say about the plot, the less you know the better.

It’s so well put together. You feel the uneasiness along with Chris, and having not read too much about it I just didn’t know where it was going. I knew it was a horror, but that could mean anything. For all I knew, the third act could have a fox wielding a machete chopping up the family one by one. ( I think I’ll put that idea in my story notebook)

Daniel Kaluuya is great as the lead. His expressions when he’s meeting all of the families friends are amazing. One thing I also liked about this film is the cutting back to his friend Rod back home, played by Lil Rel Howery.

You may have noticed that I tagged comedy against this film alongside thriller and horror. I wasn’t sure , but going by the Wittertainment seven laugh rule, most of which came when Lil Rel was on screen, it had to be included.

Full credit to Jordan Peele, he has created a masterful thrill ride of a horror. The build up is expertly crafted, it keeps you guessing. The twists seem fresh and are unexpected, and it all leads to a finale that is cranked right up to batshit. I absolutely loved it.