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Quick Verdict: The Hunger Sparrow School Games

Directed by Francis Lawrence of The Hunger Games, Red Sparrow is a dark, gritty thriller you don’t see that often nowadays. Well certainly not one as high profile as this.

Jennifer Lawrence comfortably fits into the lead role as Dominika Egorova, an ex-ballerina forced into Sparrow School by her manipulative government agent Uncle. There she is trained to use her sexuality to extract information out of the enemies of Russia. Jennifer Lawrence’s performance is brilliant. This is her film and she owns it.

This film doesn’t hold back. Be it with nudity or brutality and on occasions both at the same time. At least twice I was wincing at some kind of torture scene. The film is unapologetic and benefits greatly from that. It became real, you didn’t know who was going to survive and who might be next to meet a bloody end.

The plot is deep and intertwined. It unravels naturally and isn’t afraid to maybe lose some of the audience part way through, so keep alert people.

I love a thriller and this one had me on the edge of my seat. The film is based on a book with two sequels. I’d be really happy if they could make those sequels happen. It would give me faith in Hollywood again.