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Quick Verdict: A great buddy movie

I went to the cinema to watch this twice, that’s how much I enjoyed it. Coming out a couple of years ago, unfortunately I was deep into the last year of my degree, so didn’t review it at the time.

This 70s set crime caper stars Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe as private eyes who inadvertently get paired together when they are both investigating the disappearance of the same girl.

The plot is nothing really new or special but that doesn’t matter. I think the success of films like this usually hinge on the chemistry of the main stars. In this film they pitched it perfectly. Ryan and Russell bounce off each other really well and the characters are different enough to create a great double-act. Russell is the hard nosed PI who punches the truth out of people, whereas Ryan is the drunk PI who’ll do anything for a paycheque. Both are really good, but Ryan out-shines Russell due to his amazing physical comedy. His timing and delivery are spot on.

This film is basically for anyone who enjoys a buddy cop film. If you liked Lethal Weapon, The Heat, Turner and Hooch, Red Heat, The Last Boy Scout or last years The Spy Who Dumped Me, then this film is definitely for you. Director Shane Black really knows his way around this genre. I’ll be watching his latest film, The Predator soon. From what I’ve heard it could be a slog! Shane, just make another film like this.