The A-Z of film

So this was an idea I had a couple of years ago when a friend did an A-Z blog everyday for 26 days. I started to draft it but never got round to posting them. My idea is an A-Z of film, but I’m going for a letter a week as I don’t think I could do it everyday. Some of the letter links are quite tenuous, so apologies in advance. The content will vary from a few facts and many me having a bit of chat about the subject. So up first is…..

A = And the winner is……….


Come January every year, a wave of excitement hits Hollywood. It’s award season. This is also the time of year that the cinema is generally full of serious dramatic performances and Leonardo DiCaprio releasing his annual best actor contender. Yes I should have written this a couple of years ago, then I could have made some witty comment about Leo never winning an Oscar. 


So the Oscars has to be the award every actor, director, writer, basically anyone in the business wants to win. It’s the highlight of the award season and the show goes on for a really really long time. I’m sure I go to bed in the evening when it starts and it’s still going on eight hours later when I wake up.

However, the Oscars for me have become a dark time in the award season. Every year I challenge my wife to predict the winners of every category. I got off to a great start winning our first year together. Unfortunately things took a down turn after that. I’m currently losing 9-1. I’m confident this is my year, although I’ve been thinking that for the best part of a decade.


The Bafta’s are the highlight of the British Award calendar, and the one I always make a point of watching. They have also had some great rising star winners, including John Boyega, Juno Temple, the first winner of the award James McAvoy, and last years deserved winner Daniel Kaluuya. The winners of this award have a good track record of going on to big things.


The Razzie awards are not for everyone. On the day before the Oscars, this focuses on the worst Hollywood has produced in the last 12 months.

Now I know I do have some very strong feelings about films (A Good Day to Die Hard), and I do write and rant about them, but to have a specific award night for them seems a bit harsh. Yes, some have taken it really well (Halle Berry), but it must be quite hard to see something you’ve worked on for potentially years ridiculed in such a public fashion. Maybe it’s something you just have to live with. I will stop talking about this now as I’m consciously thinking of bad things I’ve said about films in the past. I do try to be constructive, honest!


I am a big fan of Empire Magazine. I think they are a great institution in the film world, and I certainly wouldn’t be doing this blog without reading their magazine and wishing I was working for them.

Their award night is a favourite of mine and has also become a massive deal for Hollywood and film fans. It is voted for by fans and because of this, produces winners from the popular films instead of the more critically acclaimed ones.

So that’s my first A-Z of Film. Nothing groundbreaking but some little thoughts of mine. Next week will be B. What could that be?