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Quick Verdict: We’re going to need a bigger shark

Sadly ignored from this years award season, The Meg will just have to relish in the glory of it’s ticket sales.

Jason Statham is some kind of diver, under water pilot thingy, I’m not entirely sure. Anyway, he’s retired from the business after a job went bad. Now he’s been dragged back for one last job when three scientists get attacked at the bottom of the sea. What were they attacked by? Could it be some giant shark? Well of course it is, otherwise we’d be really disappointed that we watched a shark film without a shark.

So this is a shark film with a big budget. A rarity for these days I know. This kind of money hasn’t been splashed out on a b-movie since Piranha 3DD. With that film in mind, I was expecting this to go to level 5, bat shit crazy, but it didn’t. Sure we had some great deaths, some stupid moments and some, ‘why are doing that? You are going to get eaten, oh you have been’ moments. When it gets to point you think the shark is going to jump out of the sea and eat the helicopter, it doesn’t. Why? Sorry, I suppose that’s a slight spoiler. I really enjoyed it, but I just wanted it to go to the next level of crazy.

Shark films are a big deal in our household. We’re always hunting for that gem, that perfect, ‘so good it’s bad’ shark film. This is a really fun film and I will watch it again. Just maybe a bit more stupid stuff.

I would like Hollywood to spend more money on films like this. It’s fun and not a universe or a franchise so I am highly approve.