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Quick Verdict: Don’t mess with Lara

This film was always going to be compared to the originals and the video game. On release it didn’t seem to fair that well. People called it dull and in parts a blatant rip-off of Mr Jones. Which is such a stupid comment, as you can’t make a film of this genre without similarities to Indiana Jones. I would also say that it simply isn’t true.

Having heard the somber thoughts of other viewers I waited for it’s release on Netflix. I went in with no expectation and left feeling I hadn’t wasted my time and I’d be happy to see where they took the story next.

Unfortunately, due to its performance, I’m not sure we’ll be seeing that anytime soon. Which brings me on to a big gripe with Hollywood at the moment. More than ever, they are interested in profits over story. I know I shouldn’t be surprised but I really wish they wouldn’t put these little teasers of things to come at the end, and then never make the sequel. I’m still waiting for Masters of the Universe 2.

Overall an interesting new take on Tomb Raider. The plot is what you’d expect from this kind of film, with a slight origin take. Alicia Vikander is great casting as the iconic Lara Croft and really what the franchise needed. On the whole I found the film a pleasant surprise.