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Quick Verdict: I applaud the use of practical effects

I think 90% of the cast came directly from Home and Away. I’m not sure about the shark, I didn’t check it’s IMDB page.

I was really thrilled to see a shark film where they had actually used practical effects. Granted not all the time, but enough to boost my rating from a two to a three. When I read into the film a bit more, it turned out the director, Kimble Rendall had wanted to use entirely practical effects but budget constraints meant he had to use CGI in places. The first scene with a shark in is laughable, please bear with it.

The plot is simple. A tsunami hits Australia trapping some people in a local supermarket that has now filled with water. Unfortunately it’s not just water in there. Two great white sharks have joined the party. I do love the fact they don’t even bother to explain why there has been a tsunami. Unimportant plot I guess.

Unfortunately it does take a bit of time for the acting to settle. They are all very capable actors, it’s just a bit wooden to begin with. Overall it’s an enjoyable shark film. You’ll laugh, you’ll complain at how stupid some people are and you’ll be happy or sad when some characters meet their end. This shark film comes under the umbrella of ‘so bad it’s good.’ Well done Bait 👍