I’m sure you’ve all read the stories of HMV going into administration for the second time, but I thought I’d give you my input.

For me, HMV is like a little sanctuary. Given the opportunity, I would happily spend a whole day walking around the store, reading synopsis of films, hunting out gems that have passed me by and generally wander aimlessly wishing I owned every film. Even when we had all the other shops, Tower Records, Our Price, Andy’s Records (in Cambridge) and Virgin Megastore, HMV was always my preferred choice due to the better range of films.

Having moved to North Devon 12 years ago, my visits to HMV have been fewer, but anytime I visit Exeter, I make a point of popping in and making at least one purchase. The 5 for £30 on Blu-ray is always hard to resist. In recent years I have purchased less, due to having got most films and being picky with what I buy. Unfortunately, on top of that, Netflix and Amazon Prime have become a good outlet for watching films I’m not sure of buying.

Who knows if they’ll be saved this time. It would be a great loss to me as they are one of only two shops I really want to visit when shopping. That other shop being Waterstones.

I’m not an expert, maybe they could make them more of a social hub for people. Get a coffee shop in there and have facilities to listen to music in the shop for free and make it a place for people to sit and chat about music and film. It’s probably too late to get them in with a streaming site. I don’t know the solution, but I will keep visiting and doing my bit to keep them open. (I got Rushmore on Criterion Collection Blu-ray today)