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Quick Verdict – They have boldly gone beyond

Star Trek is back for it’s 50th anniversary and 3rd/13th film with Star Trek Beyond. (Feel free to sing the film title to the tune of One Step Beyond. Thanks Simon Mayo) This time round we get the writing genius of Simon Pegg and Doug Jung, and what a job they have done. An adventure in the spirit of the early series with the excitement and spectacle we’ve come to expect from these reboots. Thankfully minus the excessive JJ lense flare. Justin Lin has done a fine job in the directors chair, I’d ask him back. For a film on such a tight time limit for writing and filming it’s pretty amazing the result was so good.

Star Trek Beyond is set 3 years after the events of Into Darkness and sees the crew answering a distress call in deep space. From there the adventure begins. The crew are marooned on a planet and must work together to escape and save the galaxy from certain destruction. 

This film is drawn straight from an episode of Star Trek, but unlike when previous Trek films have done this (Insurrection), it doesn’t feel like it shouldn’t belong on the big screen. It is pure popcorn adventure, with characters you know and love and should be enjoyed that way. It’s been mentioned that the planet sets look polystyrene and so what, that’s part of the joy. Although I didn’t think it looked that bad. It’s also really nice to see more of Bones and Chekov this time round, they were somewhat pushed to the background of Into Darkness. 

I have to mention that yet again Michael Giacchino has done a fantastic job on the soundtrack. His fuse of the original theme with the new is brilliant. I have been humming it ever since I left the cinema. 

So unfortunately this film sees our final farewell to Leonard Nimoy’s Spock. Interwoven nicely into the plot and a lovely tribute to a Star Trek legend. It is also sad to see the wonderful Anton Yelchin as Chekov one last time, a brilliant young talent taken far too early. It was however great to see him given more to do then previous Star Trek outings.

In loving memory of Leonard Nimoy

For Anton