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Quick Verdict – Great fun, 

So this film didn’t get off to the best of starts. Now I’m 33, and the perfect age to be one of the boycotting haters of a reboot of any kind. I’ll admit, I was devastated when I found out Point Break was being remade. I will watch it (I hear it’s the funniest comedy of 2015) but probably not till it’s on Netflix. Anyway back to Ghostbusters. In my own little world I was excited to see what they were going to do with a reboot, so naturally when the first trailer came out I watched it straight away, and you know what, I thought it looked great. So I’d seen the trailer and was happy. Little did I know that the internet had gone batshit crazy and branded it the worst film ever. Why? What had they seen that I didn’t? I did have a look at YouTube clips of people slating it, and they just seemed sad and a bit pathetic. This had then snowballed into a massive hate campaign, which in the longrun probably gave Ghostbusters a helping hand in free publicity. On a separate note, have you ever watched a YouTube clip of someone watching a trailer? DON’T! I have wasted 3 minutes of my life on some idiot making noises like ooooo, ha, and oh no. I ain’t ever getting that time back. 

Ghostbusters is a really fun Summer blockbuster. It has action, comedy, nostalgia in all the right measures. Hats off to Chris Hemsworth, he was brilliant, and I think Kate Mckinnon certainly shines through as the stand out performance. My only complaint is that with Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and Paul Feig you kind of expect an R-rated comedy, and you can just feel it being rained in at times to keep it family friendly. Other than that, a blast was had by all and hopefully they’ve made enough money to convince the studio to make a sequel. I’d go see it. Also, it’ll really piss off all the people that boycotted it. 

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