⭐⭐ Stars

Quick Verdict – It ain’t Air Force One


This is going to be a short review, as I was so let down by the film. Let’s hear the synopsis. Samuel L Jackson is the President (amazing). Air Force One is shot down in the mountains of Finland where he must team up with a child and escape from the evil people hunting him down. 

Amazing synopsis, lazy execution is the best way to describe this film. You have Samuel L Jackson as the President and you make him a whiny baby who can’t even walk around without his shoes on. JOHN MCLANE WALKED AROUND BAREFOOT FOR THE WHOLE OF DIE HARD, MAN-UP FOR FUCK SAKE. This film just seems like an opportunity missed. Even when we finally get to the point where things would normally go off the chain, (which seems to take forever) we are given a President screaming in a freezer. The bad guys are not even 1 dimensional and only the last 10 minutes redeem the film enough to give it ⭐⭐ stars. 

This should have been so much better. 

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