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Quick Verdict – James Bond is back, and he’s……….Australian?

So Sean Connery has left the franchise and we need a new James Bond. Enter George Lazenby. A man from Australia, an unknown with very little acting experience. What could possibly go wrong?  Well it turns out nothing with the filming and his performance. The problems arose post production, but we’ll go into that later. This is one of my go-to Bond films, and although people may not agree, it’s a christmas film. Which means I’m allowed to watch it every year along with Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Scrooged and Elf.

Okay, lets deal with the big question first up. What does Bond mean when he says ‘This never happened to the other fella.’? Is he talking about Connery or some other guy who tried to rescue Diana Rigg from the sea? Okay, when I said deal, I don’t have the answer. I’m going for a little nod to the franchise changing the face of Bond, even though he is still the same character. So we can move on now.

Lazenby is awesome as Bond. He seems to slide into the role with ease and style. Supporting Mr Lazenby, we have the very talented, very gorgeous Diane Rigg as Teresa Draco, daughter of Marc Draco and the woman who finally steals Bond’s heart. The role of Blofeld is passed to Telly Savalas this time round. Easily explained though as he had removed his earlobes and in the book had a complete different look from previous encounters.

So the plot this time round revolves around Blofeld using allergy patients to spread lethal viruses around the globe. Bond goes undercover to foil the plot and save the world. This is also the begining of Bond’s love of sking. Who doesn’t love watching Bond ski away from villans?

This is an all round treat of a film, with a few tweaks from the Bond norm. The title song is a score this time around, after they decided it would be too difficult to incorporate the film title into the song. (You can hear this theme in the second trailer for Spectre) So the kind of unofficial theme for this film goes to the great Louis Armstrong with We Have All The Time In The World, which is one of my all time favourite songs.

Other tweaks include Bond going down on one knee for the gunbarrel shot, (This is a cutting edge review, focusing on the main issues i’ll have you know) Bond liasing with an enemy to help bring Blofeld down and Bond falling for someone so much, he marries her.

This is easily my second favourite Bond film, I’m just annoyed George didn’t return for Diamonds Are Forever. I can’t help thinking it may have been better with him. Unfortunately, for reasons that included cockiness and youthful arrogance, mixed with unfavourable public opinion and his stubbornness, (he grew his hair and a beard for the press tour to purposely not look like Bond) George Lazenby only had one outing as Bond, but what a Bond!

  • Best Gadget – Blofeld’s christmas gifts of world domination
  • Quote – ‘This never happened to the other fella.’
  • Favourite Moment – The brave final scene. Bond gets into the car to find his new wife dead. ‘It’s alright. It’s quite alright, really. She’s having a rest. We’ll be going on soon. There’s no hurry, you see. We have all the time in the world.’ Roll credits

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