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Quick Verdict – You Only Hollow Out Volcanoes Twice (Sorry, once)

As a child I was blown away by this film. The idea that you could hollow out a volcano and launch spaceships from it, wow! I was slightly obsessed. This was a film they threw in everything a Bond fan could hope for, including the reveal of Blofeld at last. Played by Donald Pleasence.

Nancy Sinatra takes the theme song hot seat this time round, with a great song that has been sampled many times over since.

The plot involves an American spacecraft stolen from space, the Americans blame the Russians. Then a Russian spacecraft is stolen and the Russians blame the Americans. All of this masterminded by the super villian and head of SPECTRE, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. The British Government suspect foul play and send James Bond to investigate.

The villans lair has yet to be beaten in style and shear scale, and Little Nellie has to be one of the best gadgets. Who didn’t want to fly that helicopter?

Highlights include death by string, death by bed, death by piranhas, death by falling car. Yes, lots of death. Also, I do love the aerial single shot of Bond fighting on the rooftops at the harbour. So a film with lots of highlights, many I haven’t mentioned.

However, even with the scale, style and exotic locations, you couldn’t help but notice Sean Connery’s boredom with the franchise. Announcing halfway through production that he would not be returning as James Bond.

So everything was put into this film, the franchise had hit its stride but now lost its main star. How would they survive?


  • Best Gadget – Little Nellie
  • Quote – Blofeld ‘You only live twice, Mr. Bond.’ Simple, but effective.
  • Favourite Moment – Little Nellie kicking ass. I think I’m obsessed with this bloody helicopter.

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