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Quick Verdict – Bond goes one step beyond

So how do you better the brilliant Goldfinger? Only one way, you go bigger. Bigger gadgets, bigger sets and bigger threat. As we know, there is no bigger threat than SPECTRE.

At the time this was the longest Bond film and the last directed by Terence Young. We have more of everything. Although not universally loved, I think this Bond gets a little bit of raw deal. It’s very ambitious in scale and although not perfect, a bloody good film.

Blofeld’s number 2, Largo is the key bad guy this time round. An angry man with an eye patch, a kick-ass boat and a pool full of sharks. (Unfortunately they don’t have fricking laserbeams attached to their fricking heads) He is menacing and poses a real worldwide threat. 2 nuclear bombs he’s stolen from a downed Vulcan bomber should do it.

An exciting film with a great theme tune belted out by our Welsh man Tom Jones. Apparently he passed out whilst recording the final high note.

The Jet Pack is an awesome gadget and this time round, even the bad guys have gadgets. Fiona’s bike has rockets on it.

I like to say it. Where will Bond go next?

  • Best Gadget – The Jet Pack ( I’ve always wanted one)
  • Quote – ‘Don’t mind if my friend sits this one out? She’s just dead.’
  • Favourite Moment – Vargas’s demise with a harpoon gun. ‘I think he got the point.’

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