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Quick Verdict – GOLDen era of Bond

Bond has hit the ground running now. Emerging from the sea with a duck on his head. The pre-credit sequence steps up a gear. Who am i kidding, everything steps up a gear. Bigger explosions, more locations, more gadgets, more women, more bad guys and better cars. To a lot of people this the Golden Bond, the best of the best. And it’s hard to argue with that.

Taking a break from the SPECTRE storyline, Goldfinger pits Bond against the title character Auric Goldfinger. A man obsessed with gold (No relation to Goldmember. At least i don’t think so) and being really really rich. His masterplan, to irradiate the entire supplies of gold in Fort Knox making his gold worth more.

Bond is being swept along in this story, being captive for the most part and falling into the next scenario without much effort. That could be my only complaint, but on the whole a masterclass in filmmaking. A benchmark for future spy films.

Honor Blackmore is a great female lead. A strong character who holds her own, unlike the 2 Masterson sisters who both reach an early demise. The title track is amazing, Shirley Bassey belts it out with class and is so good she’ll come back for seconds, and thirds. We’ll come back to that in time.

The henchman in Goldfinger is the iconic Oddjob, a Korean badass who will chop your head off with his razor tipped hat. He really isn’t very nice.

A classic film, with classic scenes still talked about and replicated 50 years on. This is the Bond film template that all spy films use.

  • Best Gadget – It’s the car right? Chicks dig the car. (Sorry for the Batman Forever quote)
  • Quote – ‘You expect me to talk?’ ‘No Mr Bond, I expect you to die.’
  • Favourite Moment – This was tough, but I’m going for Shirley Eaton laying on the bed covered in gold. Iconic.

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