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Quick Verdict – It looks like Planet of the Apes without the Apes

So Oblivion came and went at the cinema. It didn’t do great, it didn’t do poorly. Put plainly, this film exists.

Set in the future. Tom Cruise and his wife Andrea Riseborough are employed to look after the machines on a now deserted Earth that are harvesting power.

So the visuals are stunning, Tom is his usual charming self and the story is moving on nicely for the first 45 minutes. Then all the revalations happen, we’re meant to be gobsmacked, ‘wow, didn’t see that coming,’ except i did. Believe me I tried to be swept away so much that any twists would render me speechless, but it just never happened. My thoughts were more like ‘oh yeah,’ ‘thought as much.’

Dont get me wrong it isn’t a bad film. It just needed something more. Unfortunately i walked away having real character development issues, and wondering weather they just stole the ending to Independence Day. Don’t worry that’s not a spoiler. It’s not exactly the same.

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