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Quick Verdict – Don’t call him if you need help


Jake Gyllenhaal is quickly becoming one of my favourite actors. He plays a cop brilliantly in End of Watch, he nails the troubled teenager in Donnie Darko, and in Nightcrawler he is a very convincing creepy, no-morale asshole.

Set in Los Angeles, Jake plays Lou Bloom. An unemployed nobody with a desire to have a job of somekind and excel in that field. When Lou comes across a car crash on the highway one night, he spots a cameraman shooting the scene and that footage ends up on the morning news. Lou then buys his own camera and starts working himself, but with Lou, you don’t know how far he’ll go to get his shot.

I’m not one for jumping on the band wagon, but people, believe the hype. This film is amazing. From the very second Jake enters the screen you’ll be hooked. Never sure what he’ll do next, or what he is capable of. He’ll do what it takes to be the best and fuck over anyone who gets in his way.

The tension builds throughout the film beautifully, and you dare not look away. I don’t get hooked on a film like this very often, but when the credits rolled I had to have a little rest before thinking, ‘hey, I could watch that again.’

A film I would recommend to anyone, well worth the watch, and for me a great finale that is both brave and clever.

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