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Quick Verdict – You won’t like him when he’s Mad

mad max

Who’d have thought that this mad man from Australia would end up being madder than Mad Max? Okay, a quite different kind of mad.

This is where the legend of Max begins. A family man, with a beautiful wife, a new baby and high octane job. The film starts with a 12 minute chase scene that introduces us to the franchise with a bang. Smashed up caravans, smashed up Police cars, guys falling off bikes and the Nightrider going up in flames. In fact, our hero only briefly appears to vanquish the bad guy. Given snippets of him through sunglasses and wing mirrors. What an entrance.

A film about revenge from both sides of the law is an absolute classic. When you aren’t being blown away by the action, you’ll be on the edge of your seat with the tension. The future in Australia looks pretty awful. When the apocalypse happens, I’m staying in the UK.

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